Web3Modal 2.4.1

Web3Modal is an elegantly simple yet powerful library that helps you manage your multi-chain wallet connection flows, all in one place. Designed with both developers and end users in mind, it is easy to integrate and customize, bringing to life a sleek and unique experience.

Delightful, customizable UI. Choose between light and dark modes and accent colors, or even infuse it with your own branding
Interface that onboards users. Help your users get started with step-by-step guidance and helpful links
Illustration explaining concepts of crypto wallets
Multi-chain ready. Easily set up support for EVM and non-EVM chains
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Hundreds of Wallets

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Connect with MetaMask, Coinbase, and many more.
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Rich out-of-the-box features. Leverage the built-in Connect button and UI components for easy connection management, ENS profiles, transaction history, and real-time balance updates
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Tailored T&Cs. Customize your terms and conditions, in line with best practices
WalletConnect legal modal
Support for multiple frameworks. Build with React, Vanilla, Vue, and Angular
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Built-in RPC. Enjoy read / write access to multiple blockchains without any extra accounts or setup
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WalletConnect V2 Ready. Compatible with our v2 Sign, Auth, and Push SDK's
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A lean integration. Optimize your app's experience with our slim and efficient packages
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Our community means everything to us. Whether you have a feature to suggest, a bug to report, or just want to share your version of Web3Modal, we want to hear from you!

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